What is Romancye?

Falling in love in the 21st century. 

Fiction. A free prequel exploring lives of the characters in Romancye before they meet in the novel.

Ro-man-cye :  n. the mistaken belief that a relationship is true love when it is actually a copy of a copy of the real thing. A belief born of innocence to genuine interpersonal connection. An emotional by-product of contemporary culture. 

Romancye is a novel written about the problems facing singles today.  The characters in Romancye  make mistakes in judgment until they find their soulmates.  This blog tells about their lives before they meet in Romancye. It is the prequel to finding true love.

Get acquainted with the characters before reading Romancye or learn more about their early lives.  Click their names on the menu to read the blogs in chronological order.


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